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Today. I became so awesome in the eyes of my 1 and 3 year old! We woke up to a beautifully sunny day, with snow all over the ground! After the gym, a much needed nap time, some baby book stories, and a funny picture for good measure. I decided it was time to explore this new home of ours! So… We went off to Main Street! Don’t blink, you might miss it. 😉 I let them play in the snow and then found this little gem of a cupcake shop! I just have to say it is the CUTEST cupcake shop I have ever been to. And the cupcakes are just absolutely fabulous also! I’m hoping to post more personal photos onto my photography blog over the next few months. It will give me an excuse to take out my camera more around my family instead of just for photo shoots! Can’t wait to see what we do next?!

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